Fertility Preservation Services WA

Fertility Preservation for Cancer Patients

Cancer treatments can have a serious and sometimes permanent effect on the reproductive organs of both males and females, so for individuals diagnosed with cancer, fertility preservation treatment should be considered. Fertility Specialists WA offers a special service for patients diagnosed with cancer.

We aim to see patients within 3 working days of referral by your oncologist, surgeon or GP at our clinic.

The specialist you will see is trained in the challenging field of fertility preservation.

Special fertility treatments we offer for cancer patients include:

  • Fast Track IVF / IVM cycles – treatment can start rapidly, and egg collection can occur as early as early as one week later in some circumstances.
  • Storage of eggs and / or embryos
  • Sperm Banking
  • Low hormone stimulation cycles to avoid high oestrogen levels– especially important for breast cancer patients
  • Treatments to reduce the harm to your ovaries during chemotherapy.
  • Counselling services are also available for individual and couples undergoing treatment.

Important considerations include:

  • Fertility Treatment should not delay your cancer treatment, and our clinicians can liaise with your surgeon / oncologist to maximise the outcome of your treatment.
  • Review of patients at the conclusion of your treatment is also recommended, as chemotherapy can lead to early menopause for some women.

Emergency Semen Collection for oncology patients

Please refer attached instructions in the event that an emergency

Medicare Benefits for Fertility Preservation

Fertility preservation treatment (including egg freezing) for patients diagnosed with cancer attracts Medicare benefits.