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At Fertility Specialists of WA we focus on you and your needs. We put you first.
Your fertility issues are individual. So, of course, your treatment must be individual too. We avoid a one-size-fits-all approach, and find the treatment that best suits your situation. Your treatment is tailored to you.

The cost of fertility treatment

When you start thinking about fertility treatment, it can be a confusing process. There are many new things to learn. What on earth is IUI, IVM, IVF treatment, or FSH, for example?

Other questions on your mind can be “Which treatment types are relevant to me or my partner?” “Do I even need IVF?” “Which fertility clinic or fertility specialist should we see?” or “Will I need to spend a day in the hospital?” Finally, the most pressing question for you right now may be “what are my estimated out-of-pocket costs? ”Your treatment plan directly reflects the needs of you and your partner. For example, do you need Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) to fall pregnant? Should you have a fresh or frozen embryo transfer? Or are there natural ways to improve your fertility, such as diet and exercise changes?

The cost will also depend on your eligibility for a Medicare rebate, reaching the Safety Net, and if you have private health insurance or a health fund that partly or completely covers fertility treatment. There are so many factors impacting the cost of fertility.

If you have questions about our fees, please give us a call to discuss the estimated cost of treatment.

ivf cost perth

4 Reasons to choose us


At Fertility Specialists of WA, we know how important the journey towards parenthood is for you. It is more than just a trip to the doctor - it is the beginning of a whole new phase of your life. That is why we believe you should trust us to help you.

Four reasons why:

Evidence-based science

Our work builds on evidence-based research. That means we keep up-to-date on reproductive science and reproductive medicine. We strive for continuous education of our highly skilled staff because we know fertility is an ever-evolving science. We don’t just look at Australia: we keep updated internationally.

We offer the latest treatments. We are in a unique situation to be able to offer on-site microTESE testicular exploration and IVM treatment. We are also the only fertility clinic in WA to be accredited by RANZCOG to train specialists in infertility treatment.

ivf cost perth

An individual approach

One approach to treatment is to give a number of  female patients their fertility drugs, which can then line up their menstrual cycles. This way,  eggs can be collected on the same day. We do not take this approach.

We always treat you as an individual. We do not interfere with your menstrual cycle to synchronise it with that of other women. Procedures are generally done 7 days a week, when your body is naturally ready.

"Whoever says fertility treatment is a one-size-fits-all approach is way off the mark. At Fertility Specialists of WA we know fertility treatments should be catered for the individual. Your fertility is affected by countless factors - so of course, we need to carefully find out which treatment is best for you."
Dr Mike Aitken, Fertility Specialist Perth

A natural way to fertility

We believe IVF should not necessarily be the first thing to try. Not only can it be financially costly, but it can also feel invasive, scary, and clinical. So before trying IVF, we aim to try as many natural paths to pregnancy as possible. For example, we may guide you through dietary changes, recommend increasing or decreasing your exercise, and we can help with more simple ovulation induction treatments first.

"Many people think fertility treatment automatically means IVF. But this is far from the truth. There are so many ways for you to improve your fertility naturally. For example, your diet, your exercise regime, your weight, and stress levels affect your chances of conceiving significantly."
Dr Doreen Yeap, Fertility Specialist Perth

A highly specialised team

We draw on the collective experience of our doctors and our highly experienced staff. This means you don’t just have one fertility specialist behind you and your treatment, you have an entire team. This dedicated team consists of fertility specialists, obstetricians, gynaecologists, geneticists, embryologists, endocrinologists, nurses, psychologists and more.


What now

If you are curious about your options, want to learn more about our team, or if you are ready to get started, give us a call. You can also talk to your GP for a referral to our clinic.

Or to read more about our services, why not visit some of these pages with more information?

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