Leaders in fertility and IVF

At Fertility Specialists of WA, our vision is simple: we are here to help everyone experience the joy of family.

Every person or couple is unique, so we tailor a treatment plan to your individual needs. We apply an evidence-based approach (medical) and consider your clinical and emotional needs as well.

Your fertility issues are individual, so your treatment should be individual too. At Fertility Specialists WA, you come first. We don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach, instead, we look for the treatment that best suits you.

Why choose Fertility Specialists of WA?

There are several fertility clinics around WA, but we work to set ourselves apart from other fertility clinics:


We keep up-to-date with research both nationally and internationally, so your treatment is backed by science.

An individual approach

We create an individual treatment plan tailored to your specific fertility needs.

A natural way to fertility

We believe that natural paths towards pregnancy should be explored before we try more invasive treatment options.

A highly specialised team

We have a great team of fertility specialists working with us, including one of only three WA Specialists who have passed their Certificate of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility (CREI) qualification - Professor Roger Hart. At Fertility Specialists you will only be treated by a Doctor who has specialised in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, so they will truly understand your needs. Some of our Doctors continue to work in Obstetrics, so you can choose to have your fertility treatment with him/her and continue with him/her to deliver your bundle of joy. This will give you complete continuity of care.

One of the world’s largest IVF partnerships

FSWA is part of City Fertility National Network and are now one of the world’s largest IVF partnerships. This will ensure our capabilities advance while continuing medical research to complement our existing services.
We are so proud of our team. Not only are they highly skilled to help you get pregnant - they also love what they do!
Professor Roger Hart, Fertility Specialist Perth

Our expert team is led by Medical Director and Professor of Reproductive Medicine, Roger Hart. He is the Deputy Head of the Division of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of Western Australia.

He makes himself readily available to his team to provide immediate advice on any challenging clinical situations when they arise. His highest priority is to ensure that patients at Fertility Specialists WA get the best possible evidence-based care at all times.