Using sperm from a sperm donor

Fertility Specialists Western Australia can offer sperm from international sperm donors to help individuals and couples achieve their dream of parenthood. A wide range of donors are available, provided by the internationally recognised donor bank, The World Egg and Sperm Bank.

Types of donors

Known donor

When the donor and recipient know each other and have an existing relationship, this is known as a recipient-recruited donation. In this case, the recipient usually receives a donation from a friend, relative or family member.

Clinic-recruited donor

When a donor voluntarily donates their sperm to an unknown recipient, this is called a clinic-recruited donation. The donor and recipient do not know each other, and the donor can choose to keep their identity unknown. However, with counsellor approval, they must agree to provide identifying information to be revealed to a child conceived because of their donation once the child turns 18 or younger.

Using a clinic-recruited sperm donor recruited through Fertility Specialists Western Australia has many benefits. These benefits include: knowing that the donor has undertaken counselling and understands the implications and legalities of being a donor, including no legal rights to the child; that the quality of the sperm has been checked; that thorough medical screenings have been completed to exclude any transmittable or genetic diseases; a three-month quarantine period for the sperm donation is enforced which is followed by a further medical screening of the donor, and a limit is placed on the number of offspring that result from each donor.

Who requires donor sperm?

Couples and individuals require donated sperm for a few reasons, including:

  • Heterosexual couples who cannot fall pregnant due to male infertility
  • Single people who wish to achieve pregnancy
  • Lesbian couples who wish to start a family

What is the process of receiving donor sperm?

Medical consultation - You (and your partner, if applicable) will be required to attend an appointment with one of our fertility specialists. Here you will learn about the process and procedures involved as well as having your medical details assessed.

Pathology collection - As a part of our routine screening process, you (and your partner) will be required to have your blood and urine tested before treatment. The results of your tests will be sent to your specialist.

Counselling - As legally required, you (and your partner) will need to attend counselling sessions. This will allow you to discuss treatment on a more personal level. You will be able to raise any issues or concerns regarding the treatment and any effects it may have on your existing children and relationships (if applicable). You can discuss your motivation behind using donated sperm and ensure you are emotionally prepared to continue with treatment. If you are using a known donor, a joint session with the donor (and their partner) is required.

A "cooling off" period of a minimum of 14 days (between the first and second counselling session) is granted before commencing treatment to allow you to consider all aspects of the donation program.

Patient education presentation - Before beginning your treatment, you will also be required to undertake a patient education presentation. This presentation may be self-directed or done by the clinic fertility nurses. Information will be provided about your treatment cycle, medications and their side effects, and any day-to-day requirements. You (and your partner) will be given consent forms to fill in and sign. Consent forms must be returned before the commencement of the treatment and require a witness's signature.

Final review - Finally, the specialist and fertility nurses will carry out a final evaluation of the counselling reports, blood tests and consent forms to ensure everything is ready before beginning treatment.

Treatment - We strongly recommend you follow a healthy lifestyle before and during your treatment. We advise a healthy diet and regular exercise, and you will also need to stop smoking and restrict your alcohol consumption before and during your treatment

*The order of these steps/requirements may vary depending on your circumstances.

Finding and choosing clinic-recruited donor sperm

To help couples and individuals find their ideal donor, Fertility Specialists of Western Australia offers clinic-recruited, overseas donors through The World Egg and Sperm Bank (TWESB). TWESB is an internationally recognised donor bank that also complies with Australian regulations.

To learn more about The World Egg and Sperm Bank, click here.

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