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We are updating our policies in response to the COVID-19 situation.

About Us

At Fertility Specialists of Western Australia (FSWA) we understand the joy of having a family. We also understand the roller coaster of fertility treatment. Our team of 12 fully accredited specialists, dedicated nursing teams, an endocrinologist, a geneticist and fertility counsellors, will all partner with you and help you on the journey. For the best clinical care and support, you can count on every single team member here at
Fertility Specialists of WA.

FSWA is part of City Fertility National Network and we are now one of the world’s largest IVF partnerships.

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IVF or in vitro fertilisation is a series of fertility procedures. When you have been trying to fall pregnant for a long time without success, IVF is the most effective form of assisted fertility.


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Ovulation induction is a fertility treatment and involves taking medication to increase the number of eggs during a cycle and regulate ovulation.

Ovulation Induction

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Intra Uterine


Intra Uterine Insemination or artificial insemination is an assisted fertility procedure of injecting sperm in the uterus near the time of ovulation.

IUI treatment



Fertility Specialists of WA offers a special service for patients diagnosed with cancer. Cancer treatments can have a serious and sometimes permanent effect on the reproductive organs of males and females.
Fertility Preservation

Fertility Specialists of WA

As an increasing number of Australian couples experience infertility challenges, you deserve access to world class fertility expertise. If you aim to expand your family you can count on our experience and care.
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children in Australia are born through IVF for women 37 years and over

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What makes us tick is to aim for the best possible personalised treatment if your goal is to expand your family. For us that is about science and clinical outcomes, but most of all it is about you. It's about life.
Dr Doreen Yeap

We understand you want to try everything you can. If you have thoughts on acupuncture, naturopathy or types of counselling we will always see how we can help you get ready for your journey in a way that’s best for you.

Dr Tamara Hunter

Why Fertility Specialists of WA?

Fully accredited specialists

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Your treating fertility clinician is fully accredited by RANZCOG. Our Specialists work together as a team to share experiences and insights.

Personalised treatment

Fertility specialist perth wa personalised treatment Perth
We carry out comprehensive tests for you and your partner. Then we personalise your treatment with conservative options, before more starting invasive fertility treatments.

Optimal clinical timing

Fertility specialist perth wa dedicated nurses optimal clinical timing Perth
Your procedures are done at the clinically optimal time. That is how we ensure the best outcome for your fertility journey.

Dedicated fertility nurses

FSWA dedicated fertility nurses Perth
At any time, you can count on our nursing team for results, questions and support. Many of us know about the emotional roller coaster. Giving you clarity is one of our absolute priorities.
Fertility Specialists of WA are proud to be a driver in international fertility research programs, so our specialists have access to the most up-to-date data. And our patients benefit from the latest evidence supported innovations.
Prof Roger Hart

We are here for you