Pregnancy Tracking and 7-Week Scan

If your fertility treatment has been successful, congratulations! From here, there are many exciting things coming up, like the very first ultrasound of your baby.
Pregnancy tracking in our clinic is our way of assessing how the pregnancy is progressing. By checking hormone levels weekly and performing an early pregnancy ultrasound, we are able to follow the development of your baby.

I’m pregnant, what now?

Now begins the next part of your journey towards parenthood. This is the part you have been looking forward to. You may be feeling a little anxious too. Don’t worry, this is common.

How do we help, once you have a positive pregnancy test?

After your positive pregnancy test, we do a weekly blood test to keep track of your hormone levels. We are checking that the pregnancy hormone is rising at the correct rate. We also check your oestrogen and progesterone levels to make sure they support your pregnancy.

We stay in contact with you. We’re here to answer any questions, especially related to the first few weeks.

pregnancy tracking perth

The 7-week scan

At seven weeks, we do an ultrasound to check where the embryo has implanted and we check the heartbeat of your baby.

At seven weeks, your baby is the size of a kidney bean. It is already forming arms and legs and has a heart.

Aside from checking for a heartbeat, the seven-week scan also checks the size of your baby. It can help us determine the gestational age more precisely, check for a multiple pregnancy, and make sure it is not an ectopic pregnancy.

"I love showing couples the ultrasound of their baby. The sense of wonder on their faces never grows old. Keeping track of your baby’s development is such an important part of the pregnancy journey."
Dr Richard Murphy, Obstetrician Perth

The first trimester

The first trimester starts when your baby is just a tiny embryo and continues until you are 12 weeks pregnant. As mentioned above, our clinic will help answer any questions you may have about early pregnancy and what happens next.
Now is the time to really implement those healthy habits! No need to worry though - we can answer any questions you may have about early pregnancy.
"We are just as excited about your pregnancy as you are! The first trimester of pregnancy is the next part of your journey and your health during these first 12 weeks can have significant affects on the growth and development of your child. Our obstetricians are available to answer any questions you may have about your new pregnancy and ways you can optimise your health during this vital period."
Dr Fiona Langdon, Obstetrician Perth

Educating yourself

pregnancy tracking perth
Educating yourself on the progress of your baby and keeping track of where you are in your pregnancy can help you understand what is going on inside you. You can start to learn about any dietary or other changes you may need to make.
"It should come as no surprise: no drinking or smoking. If you didn’t quit during your fertility treatment, now is the time. I cannot underline strongly enough how dangerous substance use is to your child."
Dr Linda Wong, Obstetrician Perth

It is important you learn about pregnancy guidelines. For example, you should avoid eating certain foods that can increase your risk of Listeria Monocytogenes or other food-borne diseases. These can be dangerous and even fatal to your unborn child. Examples of these foods are unpasteurised cheese and cured meats. A comprehensive list can be found on the West Australian health department website.

Also, airlines have guidelines regarding when you can travel. This needs to be considered early in your pregnancy in case you have an upcoming trip planned.

There are many more recommendations and guidelines for you to consider. If you haven’t yet decided, it’s time to think about where you would like to have your baby. 

Ongoing pregnancy management

After the first seven weeks, we refer you back to your GP for ongoing management of your care. There are many options for you to consider and your GP will coordinate and guide you.

If you would like to continue with an obstetrician from our fertility clinic, we can help you, simply let us know.

We are here for you