Fertility education

Nick Nation - Fertility dietitan: Food for thought

Professor Roger Hart: PCOS and OHSS

Dr Richard Murphy: Ask an expert anything.

Dr Tamara Hunter: Fertility in focus

Dr Rose McDonnell: Infertility explained. 

Professor Roger Hart: What underlying conditions may affect fertility?

Dr Fiona Langdon: What fertility tests are available?

Dr Wei Ying Chua: when to see a fertility specialist?

Dr Tamara Hunter: What is IVM?

Dr Tamara Hunter: What is ICSI?

Dr Rose McDonnell: What can I do to enhance my fertility?

Dr Mike Aitken: The role of natural therapies in fertility treatment.

Professor Roger Hart: What is the impact of PCOS on fertility?

Dr Richard Murphy: What is IVF?

Dr Mike Aitken: IVF risks and hazards

Dr Fiona Langdon: What is an embryo transfer?

Dr Tamara Hunter: What are the benefits of a multidisciplinary team in your fertility journey?

Dr Roger Perkins: Male infertility surgical procedures

Professor Roger Hart: Which factors influence male fertility?

Professor Roger Hart: What can be done about male infertility?

Professor Roger Hart: When is intrauterine insemination (IUI) applied?

Dr Tamara Hunter: What are the options for fertility preservation?

Time-lapse embryo imaging is a non-invasive embryo selection technique used in reproductive medicine at our clinics. 

Professor Roger Hart: Channel 9 News - Household items linked to increasing infertility.

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